Benchmarks For Measuring the Value of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing efforts can be a bit of a conundrum when it comes to measuring its effectiveness. How can you determine how much revenue Facebook posts are raking in this month compared to last month, or if a recent Instagram post is helping to boost the bottom line of the company? Social media measurement is one of the most frustrating challenges businesses face. Yet, social media has become an integral part of people's daily lives. Therefore, its influence cannot be ignored. There are three key components to watch when it comes to measuring the success of social media marketing: reach, engagement and conversion.

REACH Reach is the potential impact your social media content has on your target audience. Therefore, if you can hear a pin drop each time you publish content in the social media world, you are definitely doing something wrong. Your content needs to make noise! But for that to happen, the content needs to appeal to the people you are trying to reach. To figure out if your content is resonating with your intended audience, track these markers:

  • Likes on Facebook page

  • Number of blog visitors

  • Followers on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

  • Connections on LinkedIn

  • Subscribers and views on YouTube channel

ENGAGEMENT Engagement represents the response that occurs after you publish social media content. Did anyone care enough to retweet your post or give it the proverbial thumbs up on Facebook? Measuring engagement is a useful indicator of how well your social media content is performing. However, in order to inspire engagement, your content needs to trigger an emotional response from people, pushing them to act. Here is what you should monitor when it comes to engagement:

  • Comments on Facebook and Instagram

  • Retweets and mentions on Twitter

  • Shares on Facebook and LinkedIn posts

  • Rating on YouTube videos

  • Comments on blog posts, LinkedIn posts

CONVERSION Lastly, conversion will show you the amount of people that entered your marketing database. A good rule of thumb for successful marketing is using your website as the headquarters of your social media content. All your social media accounts should link back to your website in some form. Additionally, your content should offer visitors more descriptive information and other lead generation offers to draw them into the sales process. The benchmarks you should track when it comes to conversion includes:

  • Newsletter sign-ups

  • Registrants for content downloads

  • Webinar registrants

  • Online sales

  • Online contact form completions

The next time you start wondering how to measure your marketing efforts on social media, remember to monitor these three benchmarks: reach, engagement and conversion. They are the true indicators that will tell you where you are going wrong with your social media content. When you are not generating any type of response from your intended audience then it is time to go back to the drawing board.

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