An Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

There are many different tools and techniques available today to make it easier for marketers to target and engage prospects and customers. Yet getting the most out of your investments in technology and resources may be quite the challenge.

Marketing Technology is becoming central to the success of an organization to maximize marketing efforts across various channels in real-time. And with an integrated approach, key information about the demographics, preferences, profiles and interactions with your customer should be easily captured. To accomplish this, you need to have a holistic view of how your organization is marketing and managing the resulting interactions with prospects and customers.

So what does a holistic view of the organization include?

Digital Properties

At one time, your digital property was simply your web site. In today’s world, your web site is browsed on many different devices from desktops to tablets to mobile devices. On each of these devices, your customers need to be able to interact with you easily. And to accomplish this, an investment in a website with responsive design is essential. This will not only make it easy for your customers, your conversion rates will be higher and your long-term maintenance costs will be lower.

Digital properties also include your social media sites and the integration between them and your web site is important. Social media channels and your web site should work in concert to promote your online brand. Your web site should include social media buttons that are highly visible and those that remain in your navigation as the user moves up and down the page are best. Be sure you are linking social sites where you have an active presence. And where you are very active, you can showcase your social media feeds on your web site. Share buttons can deliver many word-of-mouth recommendations that can be some of the best promotions your organization could get.

Be sure to have a complete list of all of your digital properties. Each of your digital properties should represent your brand in a cohesive way. The way you present it might be different on different channels, yet the messaging and the brand image must be consistent. And in the social channels, be certain that they are being updated regularly to foster engagement and brand awareness.

Online Engagement

When you have established a good presence on all of your digital properties, the focus should be on being engaged with your prospects and customers. On your web site, this means that you have clear calls to action and a clear path for a customer to interact with you. On social channels, ask questions and start a dialogue where your visitors can learn from you and vice versa.

In the world of smart phones, integrated digital marketing incorporates social, local, mobile (SoLoMo). It is important to be aware of where customers are and how they are reaching out to you. Are they on a smart phone or tablet? When and how are they most likely to interact with you and need a response? With SoLoMo you are able to interact with your customer in real-time when they have reached out at a time of high-interest.

Measure Performance

In order to know how successful these efforts will be, it is important to setup metrics to measure their effectiveness. Tools can be implemented to measure the activities and engagement of our prospects and customers. And monitoring the changes in sentiment will tell you what is resonating with your customers and what is not. Google analytics for your website, Facebook Insights and the new Twitter analytics dashboard are all common tools that are used to measure performance. Other tools are designed to monitor the social channels for conversations that are equally important as the tools that measure statistics.

Deterime the Key Performance Indicators that show how successful your digital marketing efforts are and gather the details you need to measure them into a management dashboard. With this, the cumulative effects of your initiatives can be shown to grow engagement and grow customers over time.

All in all, when you have considered the full impact of all of these digital channels and have a strong focus on how they interplay, your marketing efforts will reap greater rewards.

Anne Sigman, President @annesig

#digitalmarketing #contentmarketing #marketingstrategy

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