Create Content Using the Strategies of a Stand-up Comic

Have you ever listened to a really great comic and thought at the end of the show, “That was so Awesome! That comic weaved a web of a story and really made me laugh, laugh, laugh!” It is a true art, and most enjoyed by anyone in the audience.

Good content employs the same approach that a comic does when developing their act. Think about it…

  • The presentation of a comic is very calculated to keep your attention and make you want more and see what is next.

  • The story and the delivery take you on a journey.

  • The comic meanders through topics that segue from one to another and seem unrelated, allowing discovery and ultimately directs you to a great finale.

  • Emotions (and laughter) are brought out that you don’t expect.

  • And in the end, you have a realization that you were led to conclude only one thing that is somewhat astonishing and most satisfying (laughing hysterically) and you are thankful for the experience and still want more.

Not everything that your organization has to share can touch on all of these tactics that are the art of the comic. Yet if only several of them were the tenets of how your organization publishes, it could have the impact that you want from the content you are creating. A good content strategy has value to those you want to reach and will naturally be amplified because it has appealed to a diverse audience in the same way a comic would.

So breaking this down into how your organization can appeal to an audience the same way a comic would is to:

  • Have a content strategy that focuses on your goals in a way that keeps the attention of your potential customers (calculated).

  • Telling a story about yourself that is not about your company. It is about how you made something better for your customers or how you struggled to do your best. (The journey.)

  • Build a library of different content that a potential customer can move around in. (Allow discovery.)

  • Show what makes you different and show your brand personality in anything you share. (That’s where the emotions come through.)

  • And in the end, you will have qualified leads and future customers who are most satisfied with what you provide for them and want more.

When you really break it all down, comics are very much like the best organizations. There is a commitment and passion to making their message resonate with the audience and to have satisfied customers as a result.

Anne Sigman, President @annesig

#blog #contentstrategy

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