Cobler's Shoes: Putting Digital Marketing Best Practices to Use for My Company

Yes, we all know that digital marketing is dependent upon generating content that will create inbound leads for your organization. And one of the best ways to do that is through writing regular blog posts. So, I am taking my own advice and starting a blog for Pacer Consulting. There are many reasons (excuses) for not writing a blog and the number one reason is that "I don't have the time." And second to that is "I don't have topics of interest". I myself have made these excuses and I find that it really isn't difficult to overcome them.

The truth of the matter is that creating good content is an investment in time and resources that is critical to marketing your organization. And if you think about the real dollar investment you make in marketing, either through web site development, staff resources for managing digital properties or purchasing marketing technology, the time investment for creating good content is probably a small part of the financial equation. What is known is that the time investment is crucial and that it can really pay off.

So, here are some approaches to finding more ways to create good content for your blog or for any of your content marketing efforts:

  • Brainstorm on topics for your blog with specific themes in mind. Themes might be:

  • Teaching something.

  • Trends in the industry.

  • Something humorous.

  • Block out time for yourself to write when you are most creative and you have the quiet time to focus. I am a morning person, so it is best for me to write when I first wake up in the morning.

  • When you get an idea about a blog topic, be sure to make note of it and find the quiet time to write about it as soon as you can.

  • Put ideas about blog topics onto an editorial calendar so you have a schedule to regularly produce content.

  • Many organizations can tap into the talent of all of their staff to regularly produce content. The value of their contributions needs to be recognized and they need to be allowed time to focus on it.

It may seem daunting and I think the best adice is to set realistic goals for writing your blog so that you are able to feel rewarded by your efforts. Now that I am taking some of my own advice, I am enjoying my writing adventure and hope to share more insights with regular updates.

Anne Sigman, @annesig

#blog #digitalmarketing #contentmarketing

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