Take the vision and make it a reality with:


  • An approach that is designed to pass on our skills to our clients, enriching in-house talent and enabling them to be owners of the vision.


  • Methods that are dictated by the complexity of the problem and where the tools are determined by what is favored by our clients.


  • Consultants who keep in step with new technologies and advanced business practices.

Process for Success

Use a practiced approach with these steps…

1: Due Diligence


Due diligence is the work done up front to understand your marketing and business goals and needs, and to ensure that our approach represents the best solution to successfully meet them. This work sets the foundation for all of our work going forward. Digital technology, talent and data form a critical component of any strategic review.  We look at the full life-cycle of customer and how your marketing iniatives communicate with them from discovery through long-term retention.



2: Implementation Planning 


We will work with you to design a detailed implementation plan that will serve as the blueprint to keep the entire team focused on the end result of meeting your marketing needs and goals. A specific time line with measurable milestones and KPIs will be documented, presented and used as an ongoing project management tool.


3: Resource Requirements Planning 


A full understanding the configuration of the current personnel and technology environment before beginning the implementation is best accomplished by performing a systematic review of all resource components.



4: Implementation 


The members of our team that conduct project implementation are experienced professionals. They are typically former corporate managers, directors, or other executives who were in similar positions in companies just like yours


5: Ongoing Support

Pacer Consulting believes that to be truly successful, your new marketing operations and applications must grow with your business over time. We truly become your business partner to guide you with change and growth.

Pacer Consulting

Columbia, MD



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